Apple Just Accidentally Revealed An All New Product, It Seems

The latest Apple iPad software is only in beta, but it seems to have revealed a new Apple Pencil, ready to work, perhaps, with the expected iPad Pro. But did Apple mean to reveal this so soon?

When the latest developer beta software, iPadOS 17.5, landed on Tuesday, April 3, it gave several clues that foreshadow the new device, according to 9to5Mac. Of course, it didn’t actually name a new Apple device—the company is way too smart for that—but what was found were multiple pieces of evidence that “point to a new gesture called “squeeze” for Apple Pencil. The gesture can be used for quick interactions such as adding shapes, signatures, stickers, or a text field. Presumably, the gesture will be triggered by pressing the Apple Pencil surface.”

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The thing is that as far as we know, there are no pressure sensors on the barrel of any of the three models of Apple Pencil, so the only easy explanation is that a new product, an Apple Pencil with this capability, is coming.

The report goes on: “Apple has also updated the interface for pairing an Apple Pencil for the first time to support new, non-existent hardware. Earlier this year, 9to5Mac had already found evidence of Apple Pencil support in the Find My app. Currently, there’s no Apple Pencil model that can be tracked via the Find My network.”

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I’d say this would be an excellent feature to have. The Apple Pencil is a great accessory, but it is as easy to lose as any other pencil, so locating it with Find My would be a tremendous thing.

Another reference in the software, spotted by MacRumors, specifically refers to “ApplePencilV4” and, for reference, there are only three Apple Pencils so far, so that’s pretty unmistakable.

There are no details in the software of what the squeeze could be for, so the results are conjecture, but Apple will have thought through exactly what would benefit the Pencil most.

There have previously been rumors that the Apple Pencil would be compatible with Apple Vision Pro, but there’s no indication in the new software whether that’s right or not.

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