Do you like avocados? These taco STUFFED avocados, filled with ground beef, CHEESE, and other goodies, are sure to become a favorite! EASY, done in 15 minutes, a family favorite, and great for weeknights when you’re pressed for time!!

These avocado tacos are sure to become a new favorite of yours as well! They have the texture and flavor of a fish taco thanks to the crispy breading, but they are completely plant-based.

It’s like holding a piece of pure goodness in your hand.

I just returned from a trip to Mexico, where I dined at one of my favorite taco restaurants. People practically sit on top of each other in the lengthy queues at this no-frills eatery, but the cuisine is so delicious that it makes it all worthwhile.

I was so close to the man at the next table across from me that I couldn’t help but get order envy when I saw his food arrive. You know the sensation you get when your meal is delicious but someone else’s cuisine looks better than your own? We’ve all been in that situation.


1,5 Kg.Of hamburger.

3 avocados, I used them ripe.

1 Cup.Of tomato-based salsa.

1 Cup.Of sour cream.

1 Cup.Of finely shredded Mexican cheese blend.

1 Cup.Of roughly shredded lettuce.

1/2 Cup.Of finely chopped onion.

A pkg.Of taco seasoning.


Step 1:

First, I cooked the hamburger and onions in a pan over medium heat, breaking up the meat into tiny pieces as it cooked. While the tacos are cooking, I seasoned with taco seasoning.

Step 2:

Once the hamburger was finished cooking, I drained it and placed it in a medium basin.

Step 3:

After that, I removed the seeds from the avocados by cutting them in half. I peeled the Avocados carefully from their skins.

Step 4:

At this step, I placed half of each half on a serving dish and topped it with some of the shredded lettuce to serve.

Step 5:

Following that, I placed the cooked hamburger, with onion, and taco seasoning into each half of the avocado half and served it immediately.

Step 6:

On top of the tortillas, I spooned some salsa, a dollop of sour cream, and the Mexican cheese mix.


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