* Components:

°2 pounds of beef broth.

°Cream Condensed Mushroom Soup, I use 1 can.

°Brown gravy mix

°Beef broth, I was using 1 cup.

°A small onion cut into cubes.

°2 cloves minced garlic.

°A tsp cornstarch blended with  tsp water.

*The method of work:

Step 1:

Blending cream mushroom soup, broth mix, beef broth, diced onion, & minced garlic in a bowl.

Step 2:

Mix all the ingredients together, it’s okay if the mixture is a bit lumpy; As it cooks in the slow cooker, the lumps are melting and the mixture is smooth.

Step 3:

Put the cooked meat in a 4-liter saucepan and put it on a low heat. Pour broth mixture on steak & mix it all gently.

The fourth step:

Cooking for seven h on LOW with lid on. Time the meat is cook through, removing it from pan with  perforated spoon & set it apart.

Fifth step:

Combine the cornstarch and water mixture into the broth by stirring it, this will thicken the broth.

Sixth step:

Put the meat back into the crock pot and simmer for another 5 minutes, or until the meat broth has thickened somewhat.

Seventh step:

Serve with egg noodles, cooked rice or mashed potatoes, for the perfect topping.Recipe tips:It’s important not to overcrowd the pan, as this can steam the meat rather than brown it properly. Cooking meat in batches if necessary to prevent pieces from getting too close when brown.

I will add slice ​​mushrooms to onions while make brown gravy because they adding a nice taste to sauce.A drop of heavy cream can be added to the broth to enhance its richness even more.


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