●+/-500g beef pieces cut into smaller portions
● 1 /2 cup Potatoes cut into small cubes,
●1/2 cup Carrots cubed,
●1/2 cup Peas,
●1/2 onion finely chopped,
●1 tomato diced.
●Spices: 1 tbsp curry powder,
●1tbsp turmeric powder,
●1 tbsp ground Coriander,
●1 tsp ground cumin,
●1 tbsp beef stock powder (or a cube),
●1 tbsp crushed garlic and ginger,
●1 tsp salt (optional),
●1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce/
●1 tsp sugar.
●Oil for browning (used sunflower oil).

Method :

Brown beef pieces in heated oil (I used 2 tbsp).

Remove beef pieces, reduce heat to medium high, add and cook onions + garlic ginger till onions are soft.
Add carrots

+ potatoes

+ browned beef pieces

+ salt, all the spices (excluding beef stock + sweet chilli sauce)

– braise for about 5minutes.

Then add in tomatoes and continue to braise till potatoes are medium cooked. Add about 350ml of water + sweet chilli sauce

+ peas

+ beef stock.

Mix. Bring to boil and then reduce heat and let it simmer till the soup has thickened and potatoes are fully cooked.

Remove and serve with your favorite side.

we hope you will like it.💕

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