Big Apple Fritters

Apple bread is one of my favorite sweet breads in the world.Yes, I’m biased in the direction of banana and pumpkin loaves, too, however there may be simply some thing unique approximately the Big, Sweet Apple Bread that makes my coronary heart beat.  I always remember the apple orchard I visited when I was a kid.Applesauce and cinnamon rolls are delicious.Do you have childhood memories about food?

When I grow up, get married and have children, I can take my children to the same apple orchard. When my son became three, he could wipe the apple and take small bites from it earlier than I ought to forestall it.

Fortunately, I knew the proprietor and he or she became constantly laughing. I became going to shop for my apple and go domestic to bake this bread. Happy memories!

* ingredients :

° three cups all-purpose flour

° 1½ cups sugar

° three teaspoons baking powder

° Half a teaspoon of salt

° 1 teaspoon apple pie spice

° 2 large eggs° 1 cup milk

° 1 teaspoon vanilla

° 2 tablespoons soft butter

1½ cups peeled and sliced ​​apples

° frying oil

° confectioner’s sugar

* Directions :

Pour the oil right into a deep skillet or Dutch oven to a depth of approximately three inches. Heated to 375 degrees.Sift flour, sugar, salt, also apple pie spice to a large bowl.Put the eggs in a separate bowl and beat them lightly. Add milk and vanilla. 

Making a well withinside center of dried substances also pour to the milk mixture.Add the butter and mix with a mixer on low speed for about 1/2 minute, but not more than one person.Scrape the sides of the bowl and increase the speed to medium for two minutes. Fold the apple.Pour into the fresh oil with a 1/4 measuring cup.

Be careful not to spray oil.If the top of the pan is not too big, you can make one pancake at a time.After the pancakes were made, they went upstairs.When the first side is golden brown, turn it over with a spoon. Create the second side.

Drain the water on the kitchen paper, and then immediately sprinkle a lot of powdered sugar or powdered sugar, preferably with icing sugar.The blender can also be heated to prepare powdered sugar, milk or water. 

Enjoy !

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