Cheesesteak Eggrolls


°6 pieces Steak Um Sliced ​​Steaks (frozen) or 1/2 pound rib eye very very thinly sliced

°1 tablespoon vegetable oil

°1 Vidalia onion

°3 slices of American cheese, cut into 3 strips each

°6 whole sheets of Eggroll.

°1 cup Whiz cheese for dipping.

°½ cup banana peppers.

°Small bowl water 


* Methods :

This will make 6 imperial rolls, cut in the middle to fill as appetizers, or serve with potato fries and call it a feast! They will know how to satisfy you!Sauté onions in a splash of spread until tender, for 3 min..

Cooking steak – it cooks easy takes for  while. Do it in a group so as not to swarm. Coat steak dry to removing some of the oil.

Placing- 1 meat steak on a blanket of eggroll, sprinkling with about a tsp of sautéed onion and 1/3 of a c of cheddar. Rolling eggroll.

Dip your finger in the water and run it along the edge of the liner to soak it, then at this point seal.

Do the same with the closures… press together to close and overlap the sides to make little triangles, soak to close.

Store on a plate, rehash the cycle with excess coatings and fixings.Heat your oil (to 375 F) for broiling. Fry for less than a moment (especially if using a deep fryer).

You just need the eggroll to get a firm, shiny brown. Pipe onto a plate secured on a paper towel until you are done with the entire sear.

Present with banana peppers and warmed Cheese Whiz for a dip…regret later.

Enjoy !

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