Chicken salad croissant

The Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich is an ideal choice for lunch and when you want to bring delicious food into your kitchen at home. The greatness starts from the first bite when you taste that buttery croissant and goes up from there with a mixture of juicy chicken and the freshest ingredients.

Classic Chicken Salad Sandwich made with shredded chicken and other fresh ingredientsIt doesn’t take much convincing for me to try anything where croissants are part of the equation. Growing up, my mother would make chicken salad sandwiches for lunch and I can still remember how great they were. Just like anything I make, I had to take that wonderful memory and put it on.

I wanted to keep it simple and easy to prepare while still maintaining the integrity of the flavour. To take the traditional chicken salad, I added sour cream and a relish of dill to enhance the creamy, rich, and tangy flavors of my recipe.

* You will need:

° Croissant: 4

° Fresh lettuce: 4 leaves

° Minced chicken: 1 cup

° Mayonnaise: 4 tablespoons

° White cheese: 2 tablespoons

° Green onion: 1 medium

° Salt and pepper to taste

* This recipe should give about 4 servings

* Preparations:

1. Before you begin, the croissants must be cut in half; Sit aside.

2. Make sure to wash the lettuce leaves well. Let them drain.

3. Then you will get a bowl and mix in mayonnaise with white cheese and season. Mix these ingredients well and then add the minced chicken.

4. Keep in mind that you can use boiled chicken, fried chicken, or even leftover roast chicken from a previous meal.

5. So that the chicken acquires all the flavor of mayonnaise and white cheese, you need to mix well.

6. Immediately put a lettuce leaf on the bottom, half of the croissant. You’ll want to add a portion of the filling and mushrooms along with the coarsely chopped green onions, and at the end top the croissant.
Enjoy !

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