CoD: Warzone And MW3 Season 3 Turns Snoop Dogg Into Literal Doggfather, Plus Dino And Killer Clown Bundles

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Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 arrives on April 3. Activision’s latest blog has revealed the bundles and battle pass content arriving with the big update, including new weapons to unlock, another fancy BlackCell bundle, and the latest Snoop Dogg operator skin that turns the Doggfather into an actual dog.

There are three new weapons to unlock in the free tiers of the pass. The MORS sniper rifle from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is unlocked in Sector 4, the FJX Horus submachine gun is available in Sector 4, and the Gladiator melee weapon is in Sector 15 of the battle pass map.

There are both free and premium tiers of the pass, and Call of Duty’s extra-premium $30 BlackCell bundle also returns. This season’s BlackCell bundle is themed around cybernetic skins and cosmetics with digitized glyph patterns, gilded tattoos, and golden “glitch-wear,” and it includes the unique Stasis operator.

Snoop Dogg also returns to Call of Duty, and this time he’s an operator in the battle pass. The standard battle pass includes his “Snoop Dogg II” skin as an instant unlock reward, and players who purchase the BlackCell upgrade for the pass will receive an additional “Snoop Dawg” BlackCell skin, which transforms Snoop into a literal interpretation of the Doggfather.

Additional battle pass skins are included for Makarov, Swagger, Ripper, Doc, Riptide, Banshee, Corso, and Byline.

The pass features 20 weapon blueprints and an assortment of cosmetics and Zombies consumable items, including calling cards, weapon charms, decals, stickers, emblems, finishing moves, CoD Points, and more.

Activision’s blog provided images of Snoop’s operator skin, the BlackCell operator, and several new shop bundles, which can all be seen in the images below. The highlights of the new shop items include Cheech and Chong operator bundles, more King Kong and Godzilla skins, a stoned sloth operator, a dinosaur soldier, and a murderous clown.

For more on the big update, make sure to check out everything announced for Season 3 of MW3 and Warzone.

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