Cucumber Tomato Salad

In terms of taste, it is much more crunchy than the cucumber found in France.Here, I present to you a salad that can be found on all Moroccan tables: a tomato and cucumber salad … usually called clada!

*ingredients :

°2 tomatoes

°1 cucumber

°1 leek

°1 bunch flat-leaf parsley

°salt pepper

°1 teaspoon alcohol vinegar

°2 teaspoons olive oil

Wash the cucumbers, tomatoes and leeks.Cutting cucumber & tomato to small cubes.You can peel the tomatoes if you prefer… I prefer them with the peel

!Cucumber-tomato-salad-1024×682 – Clada: Moroccan tomato and cucumber saladPeel the shallot and chop it fine.

Put the tomatoes, cucumber and leeks in a bowl.Add alcohol, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Add chopped parsley and mix.Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.Salad is best when it is fresh.

Enjoy !

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