Declan Kelly nets Serena Williams business

Tipperary native and New York City based entrepreneur, Declan Kelly has secured another coup after his Consello Group today announced a wide-ranging advisory relationship with 23-time Grand Slam champion and businesswoman Serena Williams across all of her business interests globally.

Mr Kelly’s Consello will be Ms Williams’ business partner, assessing all business opportunities and interests in the world of sports, retail and philanthropy.

“Serena Williams is one of the most iconic athletes in modern history. In addition to her role as a partner in Consello’s Strive sports and entertainment business, we are pleased to now enter into this broader relationship across her other business interests,” Mr Kelly, Chairman, CEO and founder of Consello said.

“Serena sees a new future for how athletes and other high performers approach business in tandem with, or after, their competitive careers. Consello shares this vision,” he added.

“This comprehensive partnership will leverage the full set of capabilities of Consello to maximize business and investing opportunities around the globe. Together, we will unlock a differentiated approach to doing business,” Ms Williams said.

“I have had the honour of collaborating with Serena for more than 20 years. This new partnership unites Serena’s very significant business platform with our own at Consello and represents an amazing opportunity for growth across industries that we both love – sports, retail, health and wellness, as well as philanthropy, that will create both business and societal impact,” Consello Partner Mindy Grossman said.

The Williams deal comes in the aftermath of Mr Kelly landing one of the UK’s leading sports figures for his global advisory and leadership development firm after netting Manchester United legend Gary Neville.

The former United captain and eight-time Premier League winner is to take a pivotal role in Kelly’s Consello Strive business, which he launched in the US in January when he announced his partners would include seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

Neville is now Chairman of Consello Strive in the UK, overseeing the company’s efforts to expand the Strive business in the UK marketplace, building on its existing financial advisory business and other services which the company has offered there since establishing its offices and presence in London last year.

Consello Strive serves as an advisory, investing, IP & content management and leadership development platform to support businesses commercializing and operating in sports, media and entertainment, including corporations, leagues, teams and prominent individuals.

Reporting by Gordon Deegan

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