Elden Ring magician uses nothing but a saxophone to beat all 7 Great Rune bosses – including Malenia – without taking a hit

One Elden Ring player has been practicing hitless runs using nothing but an electric saxophone for a controller, and it seems he’s now achieved ultimate victory by achieving a perfect victory against all seven Great Rune bosses using the power of the doot.

Dr. DeComposing first beat Elden Ring in his no-hit, all-doot way back in August 2023, setting the world record for the first hitless run of FromSoftware‘s RPG using a non-traditional controller. As he explained in the YouTube VOD of the victorious run, “each note I play is mapped to a button press on the gamepad, while I use a pitch bend/mod wheel on the back of the instrument as a control stick for movement. That means everything else in game (including the camera) is controlled one doot at a time!”

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