Epic Beef Nachos Supreme

You have to make these epic beef nachos the best game the next day.Ground beef, boiled beans, cheese, tomatoes, and green onions are the perfect combination of flavor.Is your menu ready for Sunday’s Super Bowl this weekend? If not, do it now. 😉👊🏻

* Ingredients :

° 500 gm minced beef.

° Taco seasoning.

° Half onion  yellow onion, cutting cubes.

° 2 bag tortilla chips, use 16-ounce bags.

° 1 pack.beans fried

° cheese ( your choice ), blended  400 grams.

From Cheddar and Monterey Jack.

° 3 chopped tomatoes.

° 3 chopped green onions.

* Methods :

Step 1:

The first I did was set oven temperature to 400 degres F .

Step 2: 

I then steam ground beef & diced onions on stove on medium to high heat until cook through, about 8 min to drain off excess 

Step 3:  I adding taco seasoning to meat and returning to pan.

Step Four:  Next, I add 3/4 cup warm water, bring to a boil, then reduceBring to a boil over low heat and simmer for 5 minutes, or until almost evaporated.

Step 5:  In this step, I added a layer of aluminum foil to 2 parchment-lined baking trays when meat cooked.

Step 6:  Divide half of fried beans to skillet.They are thick, but I putting them on top of shavings.When oven heats up, the Spoons will disperse.

Step 7:  I add half of cooked meat to every skillet on top of fries.And I need few melted cheese on top, I spread 400 grams on top.

Step 8:Well, I bake 400 degres for 15 min .

Step 9:  I took the casserole out of the oven and put chopped tomatoes and finely chopped green onions on top. It was served immediately. 

For more options, try these:

Cotija cheese, pickled vegetables, fried corn, guacamole sauce, shredded spinach… and many more!! You can be creative!


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