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Later this year Intel is expected to release a major update to its processor line up – the launch of its 15th Generation Arrow Lake processors, which will replace current 14th Gen models. The company will be doing so within a similar time frame to AMD, with its Zen 5-based Ryzen 9000 processors. Recently revealed is a new Core Ultra 200 naming scheme, but this everything else we know about its new processors you can read about below if you’re considering upgrading your PC later in 2024.

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New naming scheme

It’s no secret that Intel has changed its familiar Core naming scheme, as it announced this back in June. but it looks like its new branding will mean the new processors will be known as the Core Ultra 200 series. Current models are known as Core ix and then a model number such as Core i5-14600K, so the naming scheme, apparently confirmed by Golden Pig Upgrade/bilibili (via @9550pro and Videocardz) will take some getting used to.

No Hyper-Threading

A major change to the Arrow Lake CPU line up is that substantial rumors point at Hyper-Threading being abandoned. This long-standing feature of Intel CPUs allows additional ‘threads’ of work to be allocated to the downtime each processor core faces in workloads and does improve performance in some situations, most notably in multi-threaded workloads.

It has its down sides, though, such as higher power consumption, increased temperatures and some applications actually see a performance hit. Power consumption and temperatures haven’t been Intel’s strongest points recently so it’s easy to see why it might have done this, especially as some of its cores on its current 14th Gen desktop models “(the E-cores) aren’t Hyper-Threaded already, but ditching Hyper-Threading comes with risks too, such as lower multi-threaded performance.

It will be fascinating to see how this pans out, whether AMD does the same and if any benchmarks are actually slower than current 14th Gen CPUs as a result. At the very least, Arrow Lake looks like it will be a very different architecture in several ways.

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New CPU socket

Intel will be introducing LGA1851 – a new processor socket – with Arrow Lake, which means current CPUs and motherboards are the end of the road and anyone looking to buy an Arrow Lake Core Ultra 200 processor will need to buy a new motherboard too. It’s unclear yet whether older CPU coolers will be compatible, but if this post on Reddit is anything to go by, most should be.

No DDR4 support

As expected, Intel will be following AMD in ditching older DDR4 memory. It kept DDR4 support with its LGA1700 platform that supported 12th, 13th and 14th Gen CPUs, mainly on lower-end motherboards to cut upgrade costs. However, this time it’s DDR5 memory only, which means upgraders will need to invest in potentially new memory too, as well as boards and processors.

Up to 24 cores so far

Very little information is available about Intel’s new processors and their specifications, but recent rumors and leaks point at 24 cores being the maximum. This would be include with current core counts, which aren’t expected to change, with the flagship Core i9-14900K and 14900KS featuring 24 too – eight P-cores and 16 E-cores. The increase in performance will come primarily from the new Arrow Lake architecture, which also features the new Intel 20A manufacturing process. Combined, its Arrow Lake CPUs should be faster, more efficient and less power hungry than current Raptor Lake models.

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