Farmer’s Casserole

*You will need:

°6 cups of potatoes, reduce into cubes.

°1 tablespoon of greater virgin olive oil.

°1 half of cups of reduced-fats Colby or Monterey cheese, shredded.

°6 slices of diced Canadian bacon.

°2 onions reduce into slices.

°24 oz (2 cans) fat-free evaporated milk.

°2 cups alternative egg beater.

°Half a teaspoon of salt.

°Half a teaspoon of black pepper.

*How do :
In a non-stick skillet, warmth the oil over medium warmth and cook the potatoes till gently browned.Putting potatoes withinside casserole.

Topped with ham, cheese and onions.

Mix the egg whisk, evaporated milk, salt, and pepper in a massive bowl till nicely combined. Then pour over the potato mixture.

In a preheated 375 diploma oven, bake for forty five to fifty five minutes.Leave earlier than cutting into 15 identical portions.Her ft are warm.


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