Forget GTA 6, Rockstar just confirmed Bully is finally coming back

It’s happening, it’s really happening – Rockstar Games has confirmed that Bully is returning, in an announcement that has fans saying “GTA VI who?”.

Maybe fans aren’t that thrilled by the news that Bully is making a comeback, but they’re still psyched. Who can blame them? Rumours about Bully returning, and a Bully 2, have been circulating for a long time now.

In December 2023, it was “confirmed” that Bully 2 was happening after a massive GTA VI leak. This news came a month after it was discovered that Bully data was hidden in GTA V; a discovery that both excited and angered fans.

They don’t make ’em quite like Bully anymore

That brings us to the present. In a Rockstar article, the publisher said, “We recently added Red Dead Redemption — with access to Undead Nightmare — to the stellar ‘Games Included With GTA+’ library, and members can look forward to more Rockstar classics becoming available later this year, including L.A. Noire and Bully.”

We appreciate this might not be the Bully news you were all hoping for. Nevertheless, being able to return to the turbulent halls of such a classic, in any capacity, is something to be pleased about. If nothing else, it shows that Rockstar is more than aware of the pull Bully has, which, hopefully, will translate into that long-awaited sequel.

Before then, though, we have GTA VI to look forward to. Although some players are still dismayed by the release date, others are too busy focusing on the unreal weather effects that the game will feature.

We still don’t have a specific date for when the next GTA will launch, only that 2025 is the year. So far, Rockstar seems to be on course for that deadline, but who knows what will happen between now and then…

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