Free Skins and New Game+ for Stellar Blade After PS5 Launch

Stellar Blade PS5

Stellar Blade developer Shift Up has shared what the studio has planned in terms of post-launch support for its soon-to-be-released PS5 exclusive. In a recent interview with, it revealed the title will receive free updates that bundle in new costumes for protagonist Eve to wear alongside a New Game+ option. It’s also stated “DLC has not been determined” separately to the free content drops, which could suggest there’ll be a larger Stellar Blade expansion in the future also.

Elsewhere in the interview, Shift UP CEO Kim Hyeong-tae stressed the game won’t feature any microtransactions. “We would like to make it clear here that Stellar Blade does not require any additional expenses that gamers are not aware of other than the cost of purchasing the package.” He explains that the only exception to this would be if the developer collaborates with another studio on a costume for Eve, which “can be sold for a fee”.

There will be 30 costumes to choose from in the base game, and with more on the way after launch, it sounds like your fashion skills will be just as important as the ones you employ during combat. Stellar Blade releases for PS5 on 26th April 2024, with a demo available on the PS Store now. Are you excited for the full game? Let us know in the comments below.

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