Fried cornbread

*What you will need

°2 c cornmeal

°1/4 tsp salt

°1/4 c self-rising flour

°1 c water

°1/4 cup bacon juice (or 1/4 cup cooking oil)

°1/2 cup milk (or 1/2 cup buttermilk)

°1 large egg

°frying oil

*How to do it

In bowl, combine corn flour,

salt, self-rising flour,

water, bacon drippings,

milk also egg to form a batter thick to drop with spoon..

Heat a skillet (preferably cast iron) until hot,

but do not smoke.

Adding oil also fry the batter to a whole cake or servings like pancakes,

flip to cook other side.Serving with honey & butter, if desire.

Enjoy !

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