Enjoy this smoked sausage, brisket and fries! Recipe suggested by our chef.

*Ingredients for 4 people :

°2 tablespoons of butter oil and lysieur oil

°1 kg of charlotte fries

°2 Murto sausage

°1 thick slice of fresh bacon

°200 grams mushroom

°1 carrot

°1 red onion

°1 leek

°2 cloves of garlic

°1 bundle parsley

°1/2 liter of white wine

°1 garni bouquet

* Preparation :

1 Wash and peel the vegetables. Cut the potatoes and carrots into thin slices 3 mm thick, chop the red onion and leeks into thin strips. Cut the mushrooms into quarters. Cut the mortaco and fresh bacon into 2 cm sections.

2 In a hot casserole dish with 2 tablespoons oil, sweat potatoes, leeks, onions, mushroom quarters and carrots uncolored for 3 minutes, salt and pepper.

Add 3/4 quart water, white wine, bouquet, 2 garlic cloves, Morteau sausage, and bacon. Bring the mixture to a boil and cover in the oven for 2 hours at 180 ° C.

to endSprinkle with fresh chopped parsley before placing the tagine in the center of the table and enjoy this delicious soup of juicy apples right away.

Enjoy !

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