Gemini in Google Messages beta rolling out for some

Following the announcement a month ago, Gemini is starting to roll out for some Google Messages beta users.

Besides being a beta tester, you need to have RCS enabled, personal Google Account (18 and over, no Family Link), have English set (with French only offered in Canada) in 165+ countries, and have one of these newer devices:

  • Pixel 6 or later
  • Pixel Fold
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 or later
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Z Fold

If rolled out on your phone, tapping the Start chat FAB should reveal a Gemini contact option. After following on-screen instructions, you’re presented with the messaging UI you’re familiar with. The only change is the lack of voice messages, though you can upload images.

Conversations are happening over RCS, but they are not end-to-end encrypted. You can change bubble colors, but Gemini is not accessible in Messages for web. Gemini in Google Messages is a direct 1:1 conversation between you and the LLM. It cannot be accessed or pulled into other conversations. Long-press on a response to leave thumbs up/down feedback.

Enter a prompt or question like you would on It is powered by a version of Gemini 1.0 Pro optimized to provide more concise responses. There’s support for Gemini Extensions to access Workspace (Gmail, Drive, and Docs), Maps, Flights, Hotels, and YouTube.

Google’s example use cases include:

  • I haven’t reached out to my friend in a while. Help me draft a short message to check in and reconnect.
  • Suggest a 3-course dinner menu that’s impressive but manageable for a novice cook. Dietary restriction: vegetarian.
  • I’m going to a social event where I barely know anyone. Come up with a few interesting conversation starters.

There are reports of Gemini beginning to roll out today, but it’s otherwise still “being released gradually and only to Google Messages beta testers for now.”

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