Google on final steps before Nest Secure shutdown on April 8

On April 8, Nest Secure, Dropcam, and Dropcam Pro smart home devices will stop working. Ahead of that, Google is out with a final reminder, especially for Nest x Yale Lock owners that use the Nest Secure and now need to switch to a Nest Connect.

The Dropcam and Dropcam Pro (pictured below) will stop working next week and won’t record new footage. This wind down was announced a year ago.

The cameras will no longer be controllable in the Nest app. Existing history will remain available to view and download for a limited time (5-60 days) depending on what Nest Aware tier you have. On the subscription front:

  • “Please note your Nest Aware subscription will not be automatically canceled and if your Nest Aware subscription covers other devices in your home, it will continue to work with those devices.”
  • “If you have a first-gen single device Nest Aware subscription and wish to cancel, you can do so at or, if you have a Google Account, you can cancel through the Google Home app.”

Google emailed owners of these decade-old cameras about free Nest Cam (indoor, wired) replacements. They have until May 7, 2024 to redeem.

Nest Secure support is also ending next Monday, with owners getting a free ADT Self Setup System or $200 in Google Store Credit. They have another month to redeem and take advantage of the offer.

In particular today, Google is reaching out to those that use the Nest Secure’s Guard to connect their Nest x Yale Lock to Wi-Fi as the keypad can no longer be used as a bridge.

A Nest Connect, which Google started sending out for free in January, has to be used instead. If you already have a Nest Connect, you might “need to move it closer to your Nest x Yale Lock to connect it to Wi-Fi.”

The alternative is setting and using a passcode: “While your lock is offline, you can continue to use it via the keypad if you have a passcode. You can create a passcode using the directions found here. You must create a passcode by April 7, 2024 while your Nest Guard is still supported.”

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