Healthy pickled beet recipe

With this recipe for canned beets, we prepare the winter …


 ° 6.90 kg red beets 

° 11 grams of salt
* Preparation

Preparation for sterilization of jars.

Peel the raw beets, wash them in cold water, then drain them, then put them in a large bowl as you go.

Cut the beetroot into cubes, put in jars, add about 1 g of salt, cover with water, but leave an empty 2 cm in height.

Close the jars as you go,

put them in the sterilizer,

cover the jars with water and let them simmer for about two hours.

Once the time is up, let the sterilizer cool,

then take it out,

wipe it dry, and store it in a cupboard.

You can use it once it cools down.


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