Helldivers 2 exploit puts the Guard Dogs to shame by turning the Pelican-1 extraction ship into a constant source of cover fire

A Helldivers 2 player has discovered that the Pelican-1 won’t just pick you up from a firefight – it’ll also stick around to obliterate your enemies by your side.

“Well, this is just more proof that Pelican-1 is a legitimately good person,” the Reddit post below is titled, and there are no lies here. The clip with the post shows a Helldivers 2 player calling down Pelican-1 for extraction, only to run away from the dropship before it can land. Surprisingly, Pelican-1 hovers just above the extraction zone, and batters some Terminids with its long-range cannons.

Well This is just more proof that Pelican 1 is a legitimately good person. from r/Helldivers

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