Helldivers 2’s new Gunship factories seem to only have one weak point, and players are struggling: “The Hellbomb won’t even kill it half the time”

The skies of Helldivers 2 are getting increasingly clouded by swarms of Automaton Gunships, and the factories that keep spitting them out are proving a particular nuisance to democracy enthusiasts as they’ve begun to confirm that there’s really only one good way to destroy these things: the Hellbomb.

Over on Reddit, a player who goes by keiXrome has done some extensive testing to figure out if there’s an alternative way to take out Gunship factories. They’ve launched 16 500kb Bombs, called in six 380mm Orbital Barrages, launched eight Precision Strikes, fired 30 EAT-17 rounds, brought in an Orbital Laser, and even spent an entire game firing a Quasar Cannon at it.

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