Lemon icebox pie is creamy

* Ingredients for 6 people:

°3 eggs

°150 grams of sugar

°3 lemon juice

°or 6 lemon juice

°1-2 lemon peels

°45 grams butter

* Technical stages of lemon cream:

To make this lemon cream recipe, start by preparing the ingredients.

Squeeze lemon juice with lemon juice……and remove the lemon peel using the Microplane classic grater grater. Then pour the juice and peel into a saucepan.

Add whole eggs……and powdered sugar.

Mix with whisk…And cook over moderate heat, stirring constantly….so you get a light, smooth cream.

Cooking should be slow and regular, this is very important to avoid premature coagulation of eggs.

If you doubt the success of this cream, then this cooking can be done well in the bath of Marie.

Finally, adding butter in pieces.Leave to cool, stirring occasionally.

Enjoy !

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