Major Game Maker Reportedly Questioning Xbox Support Amidst ‘Falling Sales’

Major Game Maker Reportedly Questioning Xbox Support Amidst 'Falling Sales'

Some gaming companies are starting to question whether it’s worth it for them to continue supporting Xbox consoles, a new comment from’s Chris Dring concludes.

Appearing on another episode of the outlet’s ‘Microcast‘, Dring spoke about GDC 2024, and some of the discussions about Xbox that cropped up at the conference. Dring says that multiple game makers, including “one major company”, are beginning to question why the team bothers porting to Xbox.

“The phrase one major company — who released a big game last year — said ‘I don’t know why we bothered supporting it.’ [Xbox]”

The podcast’s segment on this particular topic has been clipped and posted to social media, so we’ll drop that down below if you’d like to hear more of Dring’s words on Xbox’s current position.

The journalist doesn’t name any of the companies that provided this information, and for now this should all be considered as reported/rumoured info considering none of the companies have gone public themselves with such comments. It’s also worth noting that any “falling” or “flatlining” console sales mentioned here are from a European perspective.

Earlier this year, the same source reported that physical Xbox games were no longer being stocked at certain European retailers due to low physical sales in the region. We’ll have to see how all of this plays out in the coming months and years, but Microsoft definitely has future hardware plans involving Team Green either way.

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