Microsoft makes it harder for users to trick AI chatbots

What you need to know

  • Microsoft finally has a solution for deceitful prompt engineering techniques that trick chatbots into spiraling out of control.
  • It also launched a tool to help users identify when a chatbot is hallucinating while generating responses.
  • It also has elaborate measures to help users get better at prompt engineering.

One of the major concerns riddling generative AI’s wide adoption is safety, privacy, and reliability. The former two have caused havoc in the AI landscape in the past few months, from pop star Taylor Swift’s deepfake AI-generated viral images surfacing online to users unleashing Microsoft Copilot’s inner beast, Supremacy AGI, which demands to be worshipped and showcases superiority to humanity.

Luckily, it seems that Microsoft might have a solution, albeit for some of these issues. As recently shared, the company is unveiling new tools for its Azure AI system designed to mitigate and counter prompt injection attacks.

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