New Samsung Leak Reveals All-New Galaxy Z Fold Ultra

Samsung looks set to reveal not one, not two, but three new Galaxy Z Fold 6 handsets at this summer’s Galaxy Unpacked event.

The team at GalaxyClub reports that Samsung is preparing a new smartphone with the model number SM-F958. Everything up to the trailing 8 points to the Galaxy Z Fold 6 handset, and the trailing 8 in other models is used to represent the top-end smartphones with the “Ultra” tag.

Curiously, the model number only references South Korea. This could point to a few options for Samsung. One is that this will be a limited-release handset available in only a select handful of territories—Samsung’s South Korean home will be one of them. Another option, perhaps more likely, is the requisite paperwork and governmental certifications for an Ultra model in other territories that have not yet been published.

This is not the only Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant that Samsung is working on. The certification process has revealed the potential of a cheaper “Fan Edition” model, specifically the Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE. This would look to offer a more affordable handset thanks to trade-offs in the use of less exotic metals, lower memory and storage options, and components that may not be on the cutting edge, such as using a camera module from 2023 as the main camera.

Put these together, though, and you have a classic triple in the hardware space. You have the standard vanilla in the middle, the Fan Edition to attract those whose price is the key concern and an Ultra model for those whose specs matter above all else, and they will be happy to pay.

If you only had one handset, the latter would scare away all but the early adopters, and the former would not be seen as a flagship. That’s why, until now, Samsung has stuck with a single model to sell to consumers.

That looks set to change, with the Fold 6 delivering a package of three handsets that consumers are familiar with.

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