Off The Hook And Deep Cut Face Off In Splatoon 3’s New Splatfest Rap Battle

After last week’s Splatoon 3 music shenanigans (in which Nintendo uploaded and removed one track only to quickly replace it with another), you might assume that there would be a short break before we heard any more tunes from the Splatlands. But you would be wrong! This is Splatoon that we’re talking about, and new music waits for no man.

So we arrive at today’s addition to the pantheon of squid songs, ‘Suffer No Fools’. This one sees Pearl and Marina of Off the Hook facing off against ‘Fire & Ice’ (aka Shiver and Frye from Deep Cut) in a hard-hitting, abuse-hurling rap battle. Okay, it’s not that hard-hitting, but for four ink-based beings, there’s plenty of fire in the booth.

You can find the full music video for ‘Suffer No Fools’ at the top of this article, where it is even accompanied by the full translated lyrics so you know what sick burns the two groups are flinging at each other throughout. The track will also be popping up in future Splatfests, so we have that to look forward to when the next vote comes along.

The latest Splatfest took place last weekend and saw Team Keyboard and Team Usushio walk away with regional wins.

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