PlayStation Plus free games for April 2024 could be just what we need

The PlayStation Plus free games for April 2024 are right around the corner, and I think it’s fair to say expectations are pretty high after a divisive March.

The PlayStation Plus Essential free games are set to be officially announced tomorrow, but ahead of that the PlayStation Plus subreddit has made some very intriguing predictions. And to be honest, if even a handful of these come to pass, we’re in for a great month.

At the time of writing a huge number of games are being floated in the thread, but it’s worth noting there are some users who tend to get things right more often than not. Excellent guesswork or insider info? We couldn’t possibly say, but it’s always worth paying attention to these top predictors if you want to get an inkling of what’s coming. One of last month’s top picks was Sifu, which of course ended up being accurate.

So, some of the games currently being floated included High On Life, Hades, and to quote one user, “some sports game”. It’s typically a fairly safe bet to expect one indie and one sports game, with a larger AAA surprise if we’re lucky.

Expectations seem to be fairly low for AAA games this month, though Call Of Duty: Vanguard keeps popping up for some reason. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII has also been suggested, which would make sense given the recent release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

We’ll know for sure what PlayStation has in store for us tomorrow afternoon (27 March 4:30pm GMT), so be sure to watch this space.

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