PlayStation Portal: TheFloW confirms exploit patched in Firmware 2.06

Hacker TheFloW has confirmed today that the PlayStation Portal exploit he revealed back in February has been disclosed to, and patched by Sony. Specifically, Firmware 2.06 fixes the vulnerability, says TheFloW.

Playstation Portal hack – the status

Back in February, TheFloW announced that he and hackers xyz and ZetaTwo had discovered a vulnerability and crafted an exploit chain to run on the PlayStation Portal. The hack allowed them to run PPSSPP, a PSP emulator for Android, on the PlayStation Portal (the PlayStation portal itself is based on Android).

The hackers disclosed the vulnerability to Sony, possibly through their HackerOne bounty program (the PS5 scope on HackerOne includes PS5 accessories), and Sony promptly fixed the bug(s).

As TheFloW correctly points out, to those annoyed that the exploit was disclosed to Sony, this doesn’t make any difference: either the bug is responsibly disclosed, then gets patched, and people who stay on a lower firmware will eventually benefit from it; or the it isn’t disclosed through responsible channels, gets released in the wild, people have fun with it for a week, then it gets patched anyway. Bottom line: in both cases, staying on a lower firmware is the only way to get, then keep the exploit.

Should you update your PlayStation portal?

I do not own the PlayStation portal but it is safe to assume that the device won’t connect to a PS5 if it’s not running the latest (or, a somewhat recent) firmware. So, ultimately, if you plan to use the device for its intended purpose, you’ll have to update.

Conversely, if you want to update it as a cool, generic android device with a great screen and controllers, you might want to stay on a lower firmware. I’m having a hard time seeing the benefit in that personally at the moment (I feel there are far better portable devices out there, such as the Steam Deck or the Rog Ally), but in a way I guess it’s no different than waiting to get a PS4 or PS5 hacked: the ideal is if you have two devices. One for hacks, and the other for official use.

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