Preorder a 2024 Samsung TV From Select Retailers and Get a Free 65-inch TV

Looking to buy a new TV? How about two? Well, you’re in luck, as Samsung is offering an incredible deal at the moment where if you preorder one of their new 2024 TVs, you can get a 65″ Crystal UHD TV for free. Yes, you read that right, a 65″ TV for free with your preorder!

Alongside their own website, you can also find this Samsung deal happening over at Amazon for Prime Members, Best Buy, and Walmart. As a bonus, Prime Members and My Best Buy Plus and Total members can save an additional $100 on their purchase from their respective sites. The TVs available to preorder are their new OLED model, the Neo QLED 4K, Neo QLED 8K, and The Frame. Head to the links below to take advantage of this deal while supplies last, as it all comes to an end on April 11.

Free 65″ TV When You Preorder a 2024 Samsung TV

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