Rumour: New Prince Of Persia Game Reportedly Arriving “Later This Year”

No freaking way. To think that my favorite childhood game series is coming together with one of my most beloved types of indie games is insane. Not to mention the fact a roguelike Prince Of Persia in itself is absolutely nuts, haha. I’m having a bit of a hard time believing this, because it sounds like such an unusual move. Reviving an old series, turning it into a roguelike and an AAA developer hiring an indie developer for the job? Like, i would understand if they did a roguelike spin-off of one of their series that has more momentum.

But hey, i can see this being part of like an overall bigger plan with The Lost Crown laying the foundation for recognition and thus later interest in following games. If Prince Of Persia never receives another AAA game but instead gets restricted to more niche experiences…i’m okay with that i think? I mean i don’t need another franchise where i have to find towers to reveal areas of a map and do 3950239062 sidequests and have just as many pop ups about microtransactions, so why not? More focused games sound like a good thing, especially for a franchise that is so near and dear to my heart!

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