Rust-Written Redox OS Enjoys Significant Performance Improvements


The open-source Rust-written Redox OS has enjoyed “significant” performance and correctness improvements to its kernel recently as it further shows off the capability of this from-scratch OS.

Redox OS has properly wired up TLB shootdown support, improved signal handling to deal with various bugs, demand paging helping with a “massive performance boost” in some scenarios, a new p2buddy frame allocator has been rolled out, and a variety of other low-level optimizations like system call optimizations.

Redox OS

The latest Redox OS status update concludes with:

“This year, there have been numerous improvements both to the kernel’s correctness, as well as raw performance. The signal and TLB shootdown MRs have significantly improved kernel memory integrity and possibly eliminated many hard-to-debug and nontrivial heisenbugs. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to be done optimizing and fixing bugs in relibc, in order to improve compatibility with ported applications, and most importantly of all, getting closer to a self-hosted Redox.”

Exciting times as usual for the Redox OS project.

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