Samsung is working on two FE foldable phones, odd screenshots claim

Last updated: April 3rd, 2024 at 14:34 UTC+02:00

Amid the latest reports that Samsung is working on a pricier and more premium Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant, two intriguing screenshots have emerged through the land of X (formerly Twitter). They suggest that Samsung is developing cheaper versions of its foldable devices under the Fan Edition brand.

How legitimate are these “leaks?” We’re unsure, so we can’t put too much faith into them. The source doesn’t seem to have a spotless track record, and these screenshots raise some unusual questions, so keep all that in mind as we explore further.

These alleged Samsung foldable phones mentioned in the image gallery above are called ‘Galaxy Z Fold FE’ and ‘Galaxy Z Flip FE.’ The Flip FE appears to have 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and possibly a Snapdragon 7-series chip.

The alleged Galaxy Z Fold FE is a bit of a red flag. If you look closely, the blurred-out screenshot indicates that the phone isn’t powered by an Exynos 2200 or Exynos 2400 chip but another unknown Exynos SoC that starts with “2.” It could be the non-existent Exynos 2300. It could be an old “leak” that no longer reflects Samsung’s current plans.

Furthermore, according to this X user citing their sources, only one of these Fan Edition foldable phones will be released. Exactly which is unclear.

Needless to say, these screenshots come with a big caveat, and we don’t recommend taking them at face value. However, they are not the first to suggest that Samsung might be working on a Fan Edition foldable phone, so maybe there could be some truth to them. We can’t be too sure and wouldn’t bet on it, but take the information for what it is with a proverbial pinch of salt.

Samsung is expected to host its next Unpacked event in early July. As we get closer to the unveiling, Samsung’s real intentions will be reflected through leaks and rumors with a higher degree of accuracy. Stay tuned.

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