It is specific Romanian recipe

*Ingredients (6 people) :

°Red pepper



°Tomato sauce and sour cream

°1 liter of sauerkraut juice and 1 liter of vegetable broth

°750 gm minced beef

°250 gm minced pork

°2 eggs

°1 onion finely chopped

°1 large cabbage

°250 gm rice



Pick the large cabbage leaves, removing the tough ribs. Boil it until it becomes soft.


Combine rice, meat, onion, eggs, salt and pepper. Put a little of this mixture on each sheet and then fold and roll it.


In an ovenproof casserole dish, place on the bottom pork rind (for flavor) and remaining cabbage leaves. Lay the rolls on it, and tuck it under.


Add tomato sauce, pepper, salt, broth, and sauerkraut juice.Cover and cook in the oven for an hour.

Remove the lid and cook gently for another 1.5 hours.


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