The ‘Helldivers 2’ Automaton Apocalypse Is Nearly Here

This week, Helldivers 2 players found themselves tasked with a new major order, one that tasks them with crushing one of the last two remaining sectors of the Automatons on the increasingly empty galaxy map. Here’s what players have logged in to find:

“We have discovered Automaton plans for something called ‘The Reclamation.’ Capturing their deep space comms array on Troost may reveal critical intel about their plans.” A video released on social media describes what’s coming as a “large-scale attack.”

It seems like players are probably on pace to get this done. Two planets in the Trigon Sector are already liberated, a third is at 91%. With three full days left, that leaves only two more planets, including Troost, and it seems likely a win is at hand. That would leave the Automatons with just a single sector.

But the uh, “Reclamation?” Yeah, that’s something to be worried about, as it seems pretty clear what that’s going to be. That would be an attempt to reclaim Cyberstan, the Cyborg homeworld where the Cyborgs are the precursors to the current Automaton threat (they’re referred to as the “children” of the Cyborgs). Super Earth has subjugated the Cyborgs on that planet after taking it over. Here’s what we know about the situation:

“Cyberstan, the Cyborg Nation’s homeworld, is a barren snow-covered wasteland on the galactic fringe. Whenever it is conquered by Super Earth, the Cyborgs are then “democratized” by force, coerced into the voting booths by the threat of losing their civil rights. Super Earth’s Army Tactical Command invariably stations troops on the planet for a period of 5 years to “keep the peace and run government positions”, after which period the Cyborgs’ culture is supposed to have transitioned to a “fully democratic” one (by Super Earth standards). Meanwhile, the Super Earth Construction Company (SECC), a government contractor, takes over the massive forges and industrial complexes of Cyberstan. Eventually, inevitably, another bombing starts this whole cycle anew.”

So, the idea here is that the Automatons are coming for their ancestral homeworld, likely sparking a large scale invasion of that sector. If freed from Cyberstan captivity, it feels like a massive sea change in the war effort, and I would wonder if new, dedicated Cyborg units would emerge to join their Automaton brethren.

This is likely what’s going to happen because the Automatons (and Terminids for that matter) simply can’t keep getting erased from the map. For the last little while things have been actually a bit boring in Helldivers with 98% of sectors clear and more reduced every week. We’re doing a good job but I mean, something has to happen, right? Well, this is that something, and I bet it’s going to happen whether we succeed or fail the current Major Order. Maybe this won’t start right when it ends, but yes, it’s coming soon. Very soon.

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