Vampire Survivors rival comes to Steam, and it’s less than $10

It takes a lot to create a game capable of pulling players away from Vampire Survivors, which has done a great job of keeping its audience happily slaying screens crowded with monsters through a steady stream of regular updates. Lynkpin Game is working to do just that, though, with the newly launched Artifact Seeker: Legend of Aurorium, a roguelike that draws from Vampire Survivors’ chaotic battlefields and Diablo 4’s story structure to create a flashy new spin on its genre.

Artifact Seeker: Legend of Aurorium immediately makes a strong impression on the strength of its colorful, bold visuals. The roguelike game blends hand drawn character portraits with polygonal models of monsters and human (or human like) characters to create an extremely vibrant, attention grabbing aesthetic.

The game sees players fighting battles and upgrading their character with a wide array of purchasable artifacts after each session. Alongside this loop of monster killing and character upgrading, Artifact Seeker also features a world filled with heroes to meet (some of whom can be unlocked and made playable) and choice based quests to complete. Players can also share their artifacts with other players online, helping one another to get stronger and face off against increasingly tough enemies.

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There’s a trial version of the game called Artifact Seeker: Prologue available to download for free on Steam. You can find that right here. The full game, Artifact Seeker: Legend of Aurorium, is also available on Valve’s platform and is 10% ($8.09 / £6.74) from now until April 7. Grab that over here.

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