Virtual Boy Pro for Nintendo Switch – Announcement Trailer (2024)

Meet the newest entry to the Nintendo Switch family! The Nintendo Virtual Boy Pro accessory for Nintendo Switch takes players to a whole new dimension of fun! By using advanced augmented reality (AR) technology, Virtual Boy Pro turns the world around you into a new level from Nintendo’s most beloved video game properties. Super Mario: Home Run is an all new platforming adventure featuring everyone’s favorite plumber, but this time, he’ll be running, jumping and ground-pounding Goombas in your world. Virtual Boy Pro transforms any environment into an interactive level, allowing Mario and friends to interact seamlessly with your physical surroundings. But it’s not just Mario, Everyone is here! Become a part-time Hero of Time with Link’s Korok Catcher, featuring new challenges, puzzles and minigames featuring the beloved woodland creatures from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Looking to redecorate? Animal Crossing: Moving Day lets you customize your living space to your heart’s content without maxing out your credit card or having to move any heavy real-world furniture. Plenty of spooky fun awaits in Luigi’s Mansion 4, but you can do some chores in the process. Virtual Boy Pro transforms supported vacuum cleaner models by Dyson, Oreck, Shark or Bissell into Luigi’s Poltergust 3000, creating a seamless integration between virtual ghost hunting and real-world housekeeping. Virtual Boy Pro even lets you take the fun on the go, and Mario Kart: Open Road will transform your daily commute to work into a 200cc Grand Prix race down Rainbow Road! With Nintendo Virtual Boy Pro for Nintendo Switch, your whole world becomes a game!

Read full Virtual Boy Pro safety guidelines before playing, use at your sole risk. Nintendo is not liable for real-world injury or accidental death. FCC approval pending. Nintendo Switch console sold separately. Parody, not a real product. Rated E for Everyone.

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