We already know the content of the third season of Call of Duty, and it’s going to be strong

It seems like it was just yesterday the last time we talked about the news of the new season of Call of Duty. And it’s because Activision doesn’t allow players of its flagship franchise to have even a single second to get bored or even consider that they don’t give them all the content they may need. That’s why today we’re going to tell you what this third season of Call of Duty brings us, perhaps less loaded with news, but still juicy.

To begin with, the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is going to receive quite a bit of new content. To start, six new 6 vs. 6 maps will be added, four at the beginning of the season and two in the middle of the season. The maps we will receive at the beginning are 6 Star, which takes place in a luxury resort in Dubai; Emergency, which will take place in mountain medical facilities; Growhouse, which will place us in a nest of drug traffickers; and Tanked, which surprisingly takes place in a zoo. The remaining two maps are Grime, which will take place in a ruined London canal, and Checkpoint, based on the fortress of Rebirth Island.

On the other hand, Modern Warfare III will also benefit from new game modes. At launch, we will have the classic Capture the Flag, but also the return of the classic One in the Chamber. For the middle of the season, we will have Minefield and Escort, to finish off the new content for the online part of Modern Warfare.

Zombies mode fans won’t be left wanting either. With a new story mission, a new Dark Aether Rift, and a new Warlord. This time an expert in demolition and artillery who goes by the inspiring name of Rainmaker.

Of course, Warzone fans won’t be the only ones without news. And it’s not like there are few. Warzone Season 3 will see the return of one of the fans’ favorite maps, Rebirth Island, as well as the return of the Rebirth mode. In addition to that, a new mode called Training Ground will be included, where it will only be possible to play in squads on the Urzikstan map, in a map with 20 players and 24 bots to train before jumping into the big leagues.

In addition to all that, new weapons and operators will arrive, including, for obvious reasons, Snoop Dogg. There will also be a collaboration with Godzilla vs. Kong, with special skins, and a celebration for 4/20 with Cheech & Chong, featuring a submachine gun with marijuana imagery. An entire festival that you can’t miss if you’re a fan of Call of Duty, coming on April 3rd.

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