Your Google Pixel Phone’s April Update Arrived

As we enter a fresh month, Google is ready to push out new software, which means the April Android Update for your Pixel devices. While that’s always exciting, this update is expected to be on the smaller side and that’s because last month we received the March Pixel Feature Drop. Unless Google surprises us all, the April update should be here to mostly fix bugs.

If you own a Pixel 5a up through the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, as well as the Pixel Fold and Tablet, you should start to see this update as early as today. Verizon was first to out the update with a rollout date of April 2.

Builds: As of this moment, we know that Verizon will push the builds listed below. Google could have other builds that aren’t carrier-specific and we’ll add those if we get them.

  • Pixel 5a: N/A
  • Pixel 6: AP1A.240405.002
  • Pixel 6 Pro: AP1A.240405.002
  • Pixel 6a: AP1A.240405.002
  • Pixel 7: AP1A.240405.002
  • Pixel 7 Pro: AP1A.240405.002
  • Pixel 7a: AP1A.240405.002
  • Pixel 8: AP1A.240405.002
  • Pixel 8 Pro: AP1A.240405.002
  • Pixel Fold: AP1A.240405.002.A1
  • Pixel Tablet: N/A

What changed: Verizon gave us short changelogs that suggest “performance improvements” and security patches for all, but the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are seeing camera fixes and improvements too.

  • All: The current software update provides performance improvements and the most up to date Android security patches on your device.
  • Pixel 8/8 Pro: General camera stability under certain conditions when switching between different zoom levels.
  • Pixel 8/8 Pro: Black halo artifacts appeared under certain conditions in the viewfinder upon transitioning from photo to video mode at 1x zoom.
  • Pixel 8/8 Pro: Users weren’t able to re-expose image after tapping anywhere on the viewfinder.

Google will begin pushing these updates over-the-air at the schedule mentioned above (Settings>System>System update), but if you don’t want to wait for Google and prefer to update manually, you will soon find each factory image or OTA file at the links below. For instructions on how to flash a factory image, here you go. For instructions on how to flash an OTA .zip file, here you go.


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