Woolworth’s Cheesecake has a delicate, silky and light texture, a delicious rich creamy taste, and a light lemon scent. This is the perfect Woolworth Cheesecake, easy without baking.

No Bake Woolworth Cheesecake is a classic, light and lemonade dessert and would be the perfect addition to your Easter or Mother’s Day menu!

I didn’t even remember anyone telling me he’d eaten a cheesecake, so I definitely didn’t have the recipe.

Well, because it was so cool.

Now while this is called “cheesecake” … it really isn’t. Not by a long shot …

And for a lemon looking for a light dessert (not in calories, but in filling) for spring, that is!

This makes it ideal for warmer weather, so you won’t have to warm your home by running the oven for hours. Only put it in the fridge.

A great cottage cheese cake recipe with just 4 ingredients, to make with your eyes closed. A delight! Lighter than a cheesecake or a pie, this dessert cake is perfect for eating well without spending hours in the kitchen.

* Ingredients :

° Evaporated Milk 12-ounce can.

° lemon Jello gelatin 3 oz

° Cream cheese, (PKG.Og- 8oz-). 1 m. also 2/3 Graham crumbs.

° 1 C boiling water.

° 1 C granulated sugar.

° 1/2 tsp confectioner sugars

° 6 Tsp margarine must be defrosted.

° 4 Tsp Squeezed Lemon Juice.

* Instructions :

Step 1 – Jolt evaporated milk. To begin off, also cool about at least an 1h to cool down.

Step 2 – Dissolving lemon jello in water in a shallow blending bowl with a wire beat for 2 min .

Step 3 – Mixing graham crumbs vec confectioners’ sugar also dissolved butter. To garnish, continue a third of a cup of batter.

Step 4 – Shove rest firmly to bottom of a medium-sized dish . Putting it in freezer.

Step 5 – Mix cream cheese, granulated sugar, and lemon or vanilla juice together in another large mixing bowl, using a blender, until the mixture is creamy and fluffy.

Beat mixture fully in cool jelly .

Now, cool the mixture.

Step 6 – Shake the package again and filter the chilled milk and it can be evaporated in another large mixing cup. beat, To lightly & fluffy, about 5 min , on a high mixer.Consistency crushed egg whites must be present. Adding cheese / jelly mixture.

Step 7 – On chilled crust, Cast mixture.

Step 8 – Sprinkling rest of breadcrumbs blending to top. To cutting to squares, cooled about several hours.

Enjoy !

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