This creamy and comforting old fashioned rice pudding recipe is straightforward to put together at the stove. It’s a convenient, quick-restore snack or best dessert for bloodless afternoons!

If you’ve got by no means attempted rice pudding, you in reality should. The rice pudding may be very high-quality and served warm.

It’s complete of the nice and cozy flavors of cinnamon and brown sugar!

When the climate warms up, rice pudding may be served bloodless to end up a candy and fresh summertime treat.

Letting it simmer slowly permits it to swell and end up extra candy-like. The aggregate of texture and taste is delicious.

* Ingredients :

° 2/three c. Minute rice

° 2 three/four c. milk

° 1/three c. sugar

° 1 tbsp. butter

° half of tsp. salt

° half of tsp. vanilla

° 1/four tsp. Nutmeg

° Cinnamon

° half of c. raisin

* Instructions :

Step 1:

Combine rice flour, milk, raisins, sugar, butter, salt, vanilla, and nutmeg in a 1-quart buttered baking dish.

Step 2:

Bake in a 350-diploma oven for approximately an hour, flipping after 15 mins and once more while the pudding is done.

Step 3 :

Grease it with cinnamon.The final step: serve warm. The pudding thickens as is.

Enjoy !

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